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~Just Finished~



Hi everyone,


I just finished the FIRST book in my new series--The Mercedes Mysteries--titled~



 The House in the Bay Window



Here’s a brief overview:





According to the legend of the dollhouse, any suitor that came and asked Lord Wellington for his daughter’s hand in marriage was given a task. They were to make an exact replica of Lord Wellington’s GRAND house to the size of a dollhouse and when finished, place it in their own front window to be judged. The man with the exact house would be given Lord Wellington's blessing to marry his daughter. Of course, there was one catch . . . no one had ever made it past the Parlor Room. 


Lord Wellington, never intending to lose his daughter, built his house with many twists and turns, many secret passages, false windows and doors, and one very secret room.


Many men tried and failed to see inside the house and many men died trying.


So, who finally built the dollhouse that now sits in the window of the Wellington Estate? And how did he build it so perfect?



Present Day-


Every day, twelve year old Mercedes Lancaster walks past the old Wellington house and stares at it from its enormous iron front gate. It is the largest and most exquisite house in the entire town and to her, nothing in the world comes even close. All it needs is a little TLC and a lot of elbow grease. With gears turning, Mercedes runs home to get help from her two best friends, her dad, and the final okay from her mom. Wellington Estates will be perfect.


Finally, after weeks of hard work and intense groveling, Mercedes is going to have THE Halloween Party of all time there in the house of her dreams. Everything is finished and all set to go. Now if she can only explain the strange, and becoming scary, things that started happening as soon as the invitations went out. Like the black and white picture taken of her and her friends standing on the steps of the Wellington Estate. The old letters written of lost love written to the young Cecelia Wellington and recently left at Mercedes front door. The delivery of a package to the Wellington Estate with Mercedes name on it. And then the sudden appearance of . . . The House in the Bay Window.   




310 pages, 16 chapters, Middle Reader Mystery




Written for the 9-12 year old Sherlock Holmes's and Nancy Drew's



I’ll keep you posted on what’s happening with this new book~ I Promise!


Talk to you soon!